Welcome to our weekly podcast page. 

Each week we gather to broadcast in our "state of the art" Trump Tower and bring you our views on the game industry. From news to opinions, laughs to tears.. mostly laughing until tears this is the Fist Full of Potions podcast.

Each episode is structured as follows:
  • Role Call
  • Reader Mail
  • Tales from retail horror
  • Releases or Whatcha' Playin'
  • The News and or Topics for the week
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If you would like your questions read and answered on the podcast, please email them to mailbag@fistfullofpotions.com. Or if you would like to be a guest on the podcast, please stay tuned...

Episode List

10 / 06 / 10
Episode 13: Listen HERE or refresh your iTunes
  • The Mail Bag! Its over flowing this episode and we get to all three of them!
  • Funny Minecraft story, about fail, banning, unbanning and fire!
  • James and Ryan took a journey to the nearest Street Fighter arcade and they tell us about their travels!
  • We discuss the controversy sounding Metal of Honor and the Army pulling its support. We dig pretty deep into this topic and in some cases potentially too deep. We might even be looking at our first ever hate mail? Only time will tell.

9 / 28 / 10

Episode 12: Listen HERE or refresh your iTunes

  • Are HD remakes of older games bad for the industry?
  • Why do most games lack a "Story so far" feature?
  • Why are we doing this? Why are we podcasting? Why do we blog? What is our goal?

9 / 19 / 10

Episode 11: Listen HERE ore refresh your iTunes
  • TGS PREDICTIONS! ..wait.. yeah I (Ryan) kinda dropped the banana peel on this one. I had thought I published this, but apparently I didn't.. herp derp fail. Sorry this is late, but now you can laugh at our predictions knowing if they are true or not! Hahaha If not, see you more promptly next week!


9 / 08 / 2010

Episode 10: Listen HERE or refresh iTunes

  • Reader Mail: French Edition!
  • Retail Horror: I don't know what it is but I want it!
  • Are Achievements/Trophies just candy for gamers or do they mean something?
  • Whats the next big step in the evolution of portable gaming?
  • Apple Music Event, what did Steve Jobs have for us about gaming?

9 / 2 / 2010

Episode 9: Listen HERE or refresh your new iTunes 10!
  • Chitown asks us about our favorite 8bit games
  • Is realism killing creativity?
  • Does Final Fantasy 14 punish you for playing too much?
  • TALES FROM RETAIL HORORORORORORRRR! - more stupid customers!
  • Catherine is a game, it's made by the folks who did Persona, and you need to buy it.


8 / 27 / 10 (late)

Episode 8 : Listen HERE or refresh your iTunes
  • A quite empty room today with our 3 man cast.
  • Are our girlfriends good at video games?
  • How would we make a better TMNT game?
  • NERD RAGE! When do we do it in gaming?
  • Star Wars Force unleashed 3 potential canned, is this smart?



Episode 7: Listen HERE or refresh your iTunes.
  • We try out a few new things, like "Whatcha' Playing" instead of "New Releases" and creative censorship!
  • We get a follow up questions to Chitowns backlog inquiry
  • If we could do anything to change PS Home what would we do? Cancel it? Fix it?
  • Is $40 too much for a portable game, when most $60 drop to $19 after a few months?


8 / 12 / 10

Episode 6 : Listen HERE or refresh your iTunes

  • Will Ryan (who has never owned a Pokemon) like Pokemon Black and White?
  • What is Net Neutrality? and how could it effect gamers?
  • Does the Army listen to Galaxy News Radio?
  • If your 15 and you get free xbox, free food and free sex... you win! if you 40 you do not ...

 8 / 03 / 10

 Episode 5 : Listen HERE or refresh your iTunes
  • #1 NBA JAM Fiasco
  • #2 Ryan makes a small child cry
  • #3 Starcraft reference
  • #4 Los has questions
*noteveryoneiselegibletowinredfaction.inordertowin redfactionyoumusfollowthestrictcriteralistedonthep odcast.thankyouforplaying.


7 / 29 / 10

Interview: with Team Meat : Listen HERE or refresh your iTunes

Instead of our normal pokey little podcast, we actually landed an interview with Edmund Mcmillens and Tommy Refenes - the creative minds behind "Super Meat Boy". The fact that we used Skype and that the interviewing half of the team was in "Beatlesmania" mode means it was sub par on our end. However, Edmund and Tommy are pros, so they keep it quite interesting with awesome stories about working in the Netherlands and sandwiches... and we thank them greatly for that!

We will resume normal broadcasting next week.


7 / 21 / 10

Episode 4 : Listen HERE or refresh your iTunes

  • As requested by forum member S03, we discuss how the Activsion/Blizzard merger is going so far.
  • Mega Man Universe... wtf is happening?
  • Kinect gets a price and it's! ... not surprising.
  • This podcast was 1 hour and 20 some odd minutes, but because there was so much fail, it's now 52mins - so take that with a grain of salt.

07 / 14 / 2010

Episode 3: Listen HERE or refresh your iTunes

  • We answer some statements from a Potionette
  • EVO '10 , the parts of it we actually got to see we discuss
  • Whats Capcoms mystery announcement? Is it Mega Man online? Darkstalkers remake?
  • New hire Steve gets unfortunately but officially hazed and is now an official member of FFoP

07 / 07 / 2010

Episode 2: Listen HERE or refresh your iTunes

  • Reader mail! Lots of questions from Potionette Los!
  • Sackboy genocide is a real problem, and we need a solution
  • Why do we play games instead of doing something productive with our lives?

06 / 26 / 2010

Episode 1: Listen HERE or refresh your iTunes

Back to square one, we are numerically rebooting the podcast; however, normal broadcasting will remain intact.
  • Ni no Kuni, Level 5 plus Studio Ghibli.. it's epic and we discuss it
  • We officially announce full disc downloads of inFamous and LittleBigPlanet for Sony...
  • GT5 has weather, track editor and.. go karts?
  • Recap of Final Fantasy Versus XIII from E3
  • And more...

06 / 17 / 2010

E3 Wrap up podcasts available now on iTunes or here for listening.

Before we changed names from The Retail Gamer to FFoP, We published 11 full episodes. All of which can all be found on iTunes or at the Podcast Archive