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Hearken back to a time when games were simpler; when characters and the world around them were made up seemingly of dots. All it took to be a hero was a heroic lineage and a sword. After all, it's dangerous to go alone. Then battle the Dark Lord; you know, the one trying to conquer the world. Then make the game pop in three dimensions, mix dialog and game play from the best of those games... and you have this. READ MORE

Air Control is an air traffic controller simulator... kind of. Air Control is based off the popular iPhone game Flight Control. The point of this game is to safely guide the different colored planes to their respective landing strips. It sounds pretty straight forward and simple - it is when you first start. As the game progresses, the friendly skies become a little less friendly. READ MORE

Batman: Arkham Asylum takes place over the course of what seems to be Batman's worst night dawning cape and cowl. After capturing the Joker and returning him to Arkham, the Joker springs a trap that has been laid out for the Dark Knight. Being thrown into an island resembling hell, it's your job to get all the loonies back to where they belong. READ MORE
The campaign was amazing. I must say I found it completely riveting. The story was interesting and hooked me in from the beginning. You play as Preston Marlowe and you continue hanging with Bad Company. The game begins in WWII and you play the back-story of the entire game. Your travels take you from snowy Alps, to dense jungle, to close quarters buildings, and everything else you would want. READ MORE

Beat Hazard is a music based, seizure inducing, take no prisoners, evil little space shooter. The premise is simple: load a song, pick how big of a seizure you would like to enjoy, turn the volume up, and enjoy said seizure. This game is just another reason why the music genre is far from dead; in fact, the music genre is in a more undead phase because of Beat Hazard and Audiosurf. Whoever thought Guitar Hero and Rockband was the end all of music games has best look to other consoles or platforms, because there is a movement brewing - and it is looking healthy, viral, and searching for your soul. READ MORE

Let me first say that if you are a sucker for anime and fighting, buy this... NOW! The fighting mechanics of this game are absolutely amazing. If you've ever played Guilty Gear, it's similar to that, but so much better. It has several modes of gameplay including Arcade, Story, and Score Attack. It's what you'd expect from an Aksys fighter, with even more. It's a fighting game that is only possible in dreams, but actually exists. READ MORE
Blur is the latest entry from the team that brought us Project Gotham Racing. In short, Blur is PGR meets Mario Kart. High speed arcade style racing with power ups and weapons thrown in for good measure. The handling and atmosphere almost reminds me more of Midnight Club then PGR, but you can still tell this is a Bizarre Creations game. READ MORE

Jonathan Blow's Braid received high acclaim on its release, and is currently one of the most purchased downloadable games to date. Braid is essentially a 2D puzzle platformer dealing mainly with stomping on enemy heads (which are more for puzzle solving than obstacles) and time manipulation. READ MORE

Described as "Monkey Island meets Diablo," DeathSpank follows the story of a large-chinned hero as he heroically commits heroic deeds for the downtrodden citizens of the land. His quest: to seek out the elusive and mysterious artifact, which looks suspiciously like bacon. READ MORE

Enslaved tells a story about a man without a past and a girl just trying to get home. The gameplay varies between God of War/Uncharted-esque platforming and Heavenly Sword style gameplay. For good reason too, considering this game is made by the same folks who gave us Heavenly Sword. The overall plot is cookie cutter, but it's in an interesting enough setting that the cliche plot can be forgiven - possibly even make up for such an issue. There's a good chance that you will guess what's going to happen next; however, you won't care because you're having too much fun. READ MORE

This review is long overdue. I finally sat down and beat FF13 yesterday, and it was well worth it. In terms of  Final Fantasy games, this installment just might be one of the most confusing and difficult to follow, and perhaps even the least interesting. However, none of those apply if you’re a hardcore Final Fantasy fan boy like me. READ MORE

Heavy Rain is not fun; it's stressful. However, thats exactly why it's so great. Some games invoke the feeling of stress by accident, based on the difficulty of a certain part of the game. Asking you to repeat something over and over in order to move on to the next section. Heavy Rain on the other hand will adapt to your failures, as well as cause stress based on real world stressful moments. Like trying to escape from from a near death experience, or in some cases, (based on your actions) the death of a character. READ MORE

It's taken me quite some time to get around to this review, but it has given me a lot of time to really see what this game has to offer. It's also allowed me to make hard decisions on what was a good feature and what was a bad on, so without further ado... READ MORE

Another Lego game means that I'm happy in my pants area, and with it being based on one of my favorite properties... I think my room just got painted a different color. Let me tell you... well, maybe you don't wanna know. Hit the jump for more. READ MORE
Well, I think I've played this game enough to finally write a review, critique, or some sort of write up concerning its amazingness. READ MORE
I have been eagerly awaiting the release of ModNation Races since it was first announced at last year's E3. The initial idea I had from seeing the footage of how quickly you can make a track and the racing left me with a thought "Wow, this is gonna be an awesome PSN title" ... wait. Actually, it's a full $60 release. READ MORE

This review is a bit dated, something I posted on the ECA Forums back when I had platinumed the game about a month ago. I conversed with the others and decided it best to wait because another member wanted to write a review. READ MORE

What sets Red Dead Redemption apart from other western games (few in number though they may be) is that Rockstar's newest tile is set in the early 20th century, when the ways of the old west were beginning to die out in favor of solving your problems with words and such other civilized things. READ MORE
This game caught my attention on the Playstation news video The Pulse. I didn't know anything about it, saw the video, and deemed it a must buy. Turns out my impulsive thoughts were correct. I love this game more than Breakout and even *gasp* Arkanoid. Knowing what type of game it is now, let me go into a little detail. READ MORE

So I just finished Skate 3, and the the first thing I noticed is that it resembled more of Skate 1 then 2 did, even though 2 was in the same city and was more or less a rehash of 1. Skate 3 is what 2 should have been and reassures my faith in the franchise again. READ MORE

 It's been a while since I've been excited for a Spider-Man game... Well, that isn't true. I was excited for the last one (Web of Shadows) until I realized I had a more violent version of it (Prototype). So, what'd I think of it? READ MORE
Let's preface this with a simple notion: this is a Monkey Ball game. If you've played any iteration of this series, you know what you're in for. A labyrinth-like tilting game. And if you have played the later versions of the game, you know they come with minigames. With those two things in mind, it seems like a perfect fit for a Wii game. So how did it turn out? READ MORE

This game... wow. Okay, so if you've never played Sin and Punishment, it's like a combination of Ikaruga and Space Harrier with the precision aiming of Metroid Prime 3 (I'd link you, but you can't really see how precise the aiming is on screen vs. the wii mote). Sound like a good combination to you? See what was good and bad about it. READ MORE

PC gaming has always been a niche format. Every gamer has known the quirks and downfalls of gaming on a platform which is highly dependent on how much time and money you spend yearly to keep your system looking shiny. For those facts many gamers choose to never really do much but dabble here and there with breakout titles that usually don't require much in terms of system requirements. Torchlight is one of those games. READ MORE

War for Cybertron (sanctioned as canon by Hasbro themselves) takes place before our transformer pals make contact with Earth. The story follows Dark Energon and Megatron's evil plans to harvest the mysterious and powerful element for his evil schemes. READ MORE
The night before the PSP Go launched Sony updated the store way early (at around 11pm on Wednesday). I happened to cruise by the PlayStation blog and I noticed the store was updated, so I got on the PS3 and started downloading stuff (even though I didn't have the "Go" yet). I figured I could background download everything I wanted while I slept. READ MORE

 Let me start by saying VVVVVV has caused over 57 stress related deaths since it's release in January of this year. Let me also state that any time stats come out of my mouth they are usually lies. Let's kick this hyperspace, here is my review of VVVVVV! READ MORE

Why in the name of Zeus did I not buy WKC the very day it came out!?!? IT IS AMAZING! I was very hesitant because of the average to low scores it has received from other sources, but they obviously had no idea what they were talking about. So...let's talk about it! =D
If you bought a Nintendo Wii console, you more than likely own a copy of Wii Sports. The original game boasted five different sports to show off how this "new innovation" in gaming worked. Three years later comes Wii Sports Resort, a new game to show off a new innovation for the innovative console. You still with me? READ MORE